well, hello relaxation

Since I am going to the ALA Chicago Conference next weekend, and will be putting in loads of extra hours, my LOVELY Board approved giving me time off this week. Can I just say, I LOVE my Board, and am so thankful for them!

Decided to take my long weekend at the Farm; to see my beautiful Berkshires in summer; to get together with RugbyGirl and KellyBelly and Eliza--my girls who I miss so much; to come to say goodbye to a friend who's moving on; to take a break from the flat Midwest and see the lovely rolling hills of New England again. I left yesterday and stopped en route in Syracuse, NY, where I stayed with my friend Christy--it was a nice time catching up and enjoying a couple meals together. But I was glad to get on the road today, as I was impatient to get back to the Farm; to see the sun shining down upon my beloved Farm, as my last glance of it had been a bleak and snowy day--Christmas Day in fact .

When I turned on the road leading to the Farm, I was awed by how beautiful it is here. I've always found this area gorgeous, but I was truly stunned today, as though I were really noticing it for the first time all over again. My heart began to thump, my breath caught in my throat, and the word, "HOME," automatically came to mind. And it is home. And it is so so nice to be home again...

The fruits of our labors: from Christy's strawberry plants
and my trip to the liquor store

I made dinner: homemade roasted mushrooms, roasted
tofu, cabbage, and carrots spring rolls w/honey chipotle dipping sauce


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