it takes a village

Today was great! Our Kick-Off went really well! In just 4 hours we had over 250 people stop by our event and nearly 200 people (birth-adults) signed up for Summer Reading! We didn't know what to expect since this was our first time doing this, and also the first year we've included EVERYONE in Summer Reading, not just school-agers, so lots of excited grownups and an overwhelming response from adults signing up...we thought we'd get 50 adults TOPS signed up for Summer Reading, but in just those 4 hours: 68 adults!! Who knew!?!

Got great feedback about the day; lots of great photo opps of smiling faces; someone from the local paper stopped by; many LIKES on our Facebook page.

We really couldn't have done it without our FRIENDS group who manned the Used Book Sale and donated bottles of water for the event; the local police, ambulance, fire dept. and one of our own staff families for bringing their respective car/trucks/tractor; the volunteer kids provided through a local event put on by Sticks College; a local family who brought their 4-H animals; and our hardworking staff. Everything was a hit! It really really does take a village!

This is my Godchild, Viv, enjoying some of the 4-H bunnies.
Bestie L and her 3 girls came down Friday night and came for our Kick-Off today.
I was so happy to see them!

Kids (and grownups) climbing aboard the Fire Truck!

Not sure what the final total is, but we sold LOTS of books!
We put out over 1,100!

Definitely my favorite animals! These guys were hysterical, while we were setting up they
antagonized the yappy neighbor dogs by bleating something that sounds like, "HEEEEEYYYY!" loudly. :)


can you PLEASE come be the librarian in my town!?? I'm so freaking jealous of everyone out there. And so proud of you friend!!
:) Thanks RugbyGirl! I would LOVE to be a librarian in your town...who knows? Maybe one of these days.
Jenny O said…
That's AWESOME!! Totally stealing, I mean EMULATING WITH ADMIRATION, this idea :D

My husband's ex-stepmother actually owns a petting zoo so the wheels in my brain are a-spinning at the moment! Thanks for the inspiration.
Thanks Jenny! I'm flattered! I actually stole the Touch-a-Truck event from my old library...why reinvent the wheel, right?

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