feeling encouraged...and exhausted

I am so tired, and yet, here I sit watching the storm that has finally swept into Sticks, instantly cooling the air and stirring up that smell--not the wormy, post-rain stink--the sigh smell. The sigh smell is what peppers the air all at once during a good downpour; everything suddenly letting out a sigh of relief: the grass, the shrubs, the trees, the dirt muddying in puddles too, even the people sleeping do it without knowing it. Here in Sticks it smells muddy and green and cool (yes, cool has a smell too!) and clean.

Summer Reading is in its' first week and we're already beat. But I am loving it and finding myself constantly thinking, "I get paid to do this!" I am beat and it's late, so more details and pics soon, but I did want to share our stats for our Summer Reading 2013 program so far!

At the end of Saturday's Kick-Off (only 4 hours long!) we'd already signed up:
32     Babies-Age 5 (non-kindgarten)
75     K-6th Grade
20     7th-12th Grade
68     Adults (!!!!!)
* Previous to this year they'd only ever done K-12th grades, so we weren't sure what kind of numbers to expect, I said MAYBE 50 adults. WOW!

38    Babies-Age 5 (non-kindgarten)
89    K-6th Grade
33    7th-12th Grade
89    Adults
41     Babies-Age 5 (non-kindgarten)
102   K-6th Grade
33     7th-12th Grade
101   Adults

42      Babies-Age 5 (non-kindgarten)
107    K-6th Grade
34      7th-12th Grade
108    Adults
**Just shy of 300 people!** 


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