Juvenile Collection Librarian in a college setting?

This afternoon the Human Resources lady at the university (the one who helped me fill out all my paperwork when I was hired in) called our library, looking for the name of an author for a children's book.

She did not provide an explanantion, rather just told me about how someone had told her about this book. As it is a children's book, I assumed that it might be a gift for one of the girls who just went out on pregnancy leave.

(Her) Now, I can't remember the name of the author.
(Me) Well, ok, what is the name of the book?
(Her) The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
(Me) Oh, that is Eric Carle, he is one of my favorites. I actually collect his books. I collect all children's books.
(Her)Hmmm, you know that yada yada yada is retiring soon, and she is in charge of the Children's Collection here.
(Me) Yes, I knew she was retiring. End of August, right?
(Her) When are you graduating again?
(Me) I finish classes in December.
(Her) Well, if you have Children's Books as a specialty, you might want to consider applying for the position. You never know. Sometimes young blood is just what they want in positions here.
(Me) Oh, I hadn't thought of that (I really hadn't).
(Her) Well, it is something to think about.
(Me) Yes, I will. Thanks for the heads up.

One of our special collections at the school is the Children's Collection, popular with Education students. It is kinda cool that we offer those resources, and I like to wander through the less trafficy area on the top floor during my lunch break, reminiscing over the titles of many books that I read as a kid, and I occasionally sit down to read a book of children's poetry. Ah, I miss the days where I could lie in bed for hours and read. Within this collection, is another special collection of rare books, the collections are described as thus (by the school):

This collection consists of rare and historical children's books. Many of the titles in this collection are extremely valuable and of great historical significance...has been expanded over the years with award winning titles and otherwise outstanding works. Whenever possible, recent acquisitions to the Collection have been duplicated in the circulating juvenile collection. The Juvenile Collection is one of the largest collections of this kind in a university library. It contains over 60,000 items. The collection covers age groups from preschool to some lower level college. It includes all subject areas and has special subsections for fiction, biography, and picture easy books. This collection was stated by the College of Education in the early 1940s as a resource for training teachers.

I am not sure that I would consider applying for the position. I was flattered at the suggestion, and excited for a minute, but I really want to get out of this state as soon as classes are over. (Don't worry Mummy Dearest I will get there). I love Children's lit and it would be kind of cool to work with Children's books without the kids and dealing with stuff like programming...just a little bit.


Kt said…
I'm a sucker for old children's literature, the pre-1940's stuff, especially anything with lithographs or etchings as their illustrations. Have you ever come across "The Water Babies" before? Truly a mind trip.

At least you will have the option to work wherever you choose. There's not a state in the union which doesn't have/need/want children's literature!
Mummy Dearest said…

I was at the New Marl. library the other day with the kiddos, and the librarian there told me -- remembering I had a friend who was graudating from an MLS program -- that there is an open position at the Kent School in Connecticut. As well as an opening in the Pittsfield school system.

Not trying too actively to sway your future, but just thought the info might be useful. :-)


Thanks...but I actually can't do children's libraries in a school, to do that you actually have to have a teaching certificate. I could only do Children's library in the public library. Funny how that works, good I guess...thanks for swaying me...I take it as a compliment. I want to get out to MA. asap!
TSOldtimer said…
KT - do you mean 'The Rain Babies'? That's a pretty cool book. And a good number of books by Chris Van Allsburg (sic?). I really got into his books in 4th grade- our teacher read them to us because SHE loved them.
picture books are cool. what's that book with pictures of some doll is provocative poses? it's a little pervy.
I don't know...all I can think of is Team America...ha ha...when the puppets are put into filthorama poses!
Miss Cellaneous said…
I'd be happy if you stayed a little bit longer here in this terrible state with me. . . .
Sorry miss c, as soon as I can get a job that I want out of this state after December...I think I will be, like Scarlett, Gone with the Wind. I'll visit, I promise. :)

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