Thursday, April 4, 2013

remedy for work stress

Oh, holy hell. The Children's Librarian starts in 11 more days, thank God. Except that means training.

The schedule is approved by all. Now I am figuring out coverage for vacay requests through August.

Computer buying process is still back and forth like Pong. The company sends me quotes, I go over those with our IT guy, he tells me what we should ask for/change, and I send it back. As if this process hasn't been hard enough, one of our cataloging computers died last week, another cataloging/CIRC (of two!!) computers is on the fritz (choosing when the scanner or keyboard or both will stop working at random), and I just learned that our barcode scanners and receipt printers are so hold they will need replacing. Every time I think about the cost I hear money bleeding out of this place. Urgh.

On the upside: Summer Reading donation requests went out a few weeks ago and we've been getting a good response so far, over $1,000 in our first two weeks! I received word last week that we're the recipients of a grant that will pay for one of our Summer Reading entertainers (if you have any exploitable talents, think of doing Library programs, these folks make a killing!!) 17 organizations applied and they chose the top few requests! I was so excited to hear about that! I've been combing the local area, trying to get creative with ways to bring in more donations/more grants, etc. I can apply to next year.

Spring break for the local schools meant we were busier lately; normal storytimes at the Library and some adult programs have kept us running. I am tired. Can't wait until May when I take a long weekend and go on a roadtrip with A3. More on that another day.

In the midst of all this busy and stress, I am laughing when I can. This was in the drop box this morning and absolutely made my day. I keep telling people, you can find EVERYTHING at the Library these days. This ain't yo grandma's library!

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