thoughts of vacation, part 1

Never finished blogging about my wonderfully relaxing vacation..still can't believe that it's been nearly a week and a half already since I was camping in lovely Maine. I think the pictures I posted of Acadia National Park speak volumes, but still manage to not quit capture the raw, natural beauty and amazing vistas of that place. As B1, B2 and I hiked through the woods, near enough to hear the Atlantic Ocean wooshing in and out from the rock lined shore, I thought to myself, "this place is as near to Heaven as I've been. I just want Heaven to be like this, but the woods would also be lined with bookshelves periodically...and a coffee counter." Yes, dear readers, these are the deep thoughts that go through my head.

The time there was great. It rained the first night we were camping, but didn't start until the tents were up, this followed by two gloriously sunny and warm days, perfect for hiking. The hikes ranged from beginners to strenuous (The Beehive) and increased in difficulty as we went, which was great for me...whipped by Librarian's lazy butt into shape. I think we hiked roughly 14 or 15 miles in two days. We saw seagulls and cormorants, no whales or seals--bummer! The Atlantic Ocean was cold; I went up to my knees into the water at Sand Beach and paid for it with red feet.

And we ate well (B1 thought of everything!); our menu looked something like this:
  • grilled Farm cheddar cheese and tomato soup, salad greens, grilled veggies, SMORES
  • scrambled eggs w/Farm cheddar and veggies, toast with butter and pepper jelly, coffee
  • peanut butter and jelly, sardines, chips, GORP (mixes of nuts, chocolate, raisins), granola bars, fruit
  • kielbasa, baked beans, salad greens, grilled veggies, SMORES
  • scrambled eggs w/Farm cheddar and veggies, bacon, toast with butter and pepper jelly
  • hot dogs, chili and chips
  • dinner in Bar Harbor** 
  • scrambled eggs w/Farm cheddar and veggies, bacon, toast with butter and pepper jelly
**For our final dinner we headed into Bar Harbor for some seafood. The restaurants' name escapes me, but I had a delicious panko-crusted baked haddock with lemon sauce, lobster mashed potatoes and local asparagus and, of course, Maine Blueberry beer! Then we headed down the street to Stewman's Scoop for some ice cream. So good. Try the local blueberry soft serve! YUM!

That last night by the fire we were much quieter, worn out from our more strenuous day, enjoying the huge fire and endlessly starry sky. And in no time we were taking down tents, rolling up sleeping bags and mats, packing a less full car, then reading and sleeping and driving in a car headed for Massachusetts and the Farm I love.


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