I'll see you in the spring

It's so hard to come back to my lonely life in this city after a weekend away; a weekend in a place I understand, after my years of growing up and growing away from it, and returning too; a weekend spent surrounded by friends and laughter. My weekends in Michigan are always so chock full of activity, making up for the mostly sedentary life I've slipped into since leaving the Farm. My solitary drive back provided me with 3 hours to reflect on: Aud's 7 years and the many memories I share with her and my bestie L's family; to think about conversations I had at Dayna's 30th birthday party; to mull over my church community, how I can come and go among this "family," and am never lost, but rather a sort of prodigal child on every return--greeted so lovingly.

The weather was amazing along the drive: powdery blue and sunny one moment, only to be replaced my gales that acted as a hand pushing my car toward the shoulder, to a wall of snowflakes so thick that I felt entrapped in a fog. Still mulling over the weekend and the glorious weather that steered me back here to this adopted city, this quiet apartment, this life a million miles away from a life I lived a seeming-century ago...my heart is calling for spring today, an end to my mopiness.

Court Yard Hounds - See You In The Spring ft. Jakob Dylan


Brett Minor said…
I always loved those visits home, but the drive back was depressing. Leaving loved ones behind and returning to work.

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