ripple in still water

The Grateful Dead - Ripple (Studio Version)

Remember 8 million years ago (ok, in November) when I wrote about the music that reminds me of the Farm? No? Don't worry, the memory is an overrated thing. Anyway, "Ripple," by the Grateful Dead is definitely a song which always reminds me of the Farm. I was thinking about the Farm all day yesterday; my vacation days were approved and I am Farm bound for a week and a half in June! Hooray!

Happy Wednesday everybody, the weekend is in sight.


Kt said…
Aarg, don't do that! Ten seconds of this song gave me instant nostalgia for the Farm! Shoo, wistful memories, shoo, shoo!

This and "The River Song" = everything good about GF. Sigh.

Glad to hear you'll be visiting it again soon!

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