now that I'm settled

I am getting more stuff.
B1 & B2 are in Buffalo for the weekend, celebrating Christmas with B1's family; guess who is headed there after work this afternoon? Me! Yay! I am off tonight, tomorrow and Monday a.m., so I will be able to spend some time with my dear, dear Farm friends--the first Farmers I've seen since I moved 3 weeks ago!

What does this have to do with getting more stuff? Well, B1 & B2  kindly agreed to bring the rest of my stuff to Buffalo--not much, just 6 more boxes and change--so I didn't have to ship it. Ah, friends!

So, if you are in Buffalo this weekend and see a girl with an idiot grin on her face, hugging two friends tightly as they navigate the city, just wave--it's ME!

Also, on the subject of getting stuff: I ordered a new bed. Doing that made me feel like an adult. I do not like feeling like an adult, but I also do not like sleeping in my tiny twin bed anymore now that I have a huge, empty apartment. I am having it delivered post-holidays! HOORAY!

Library news soon....

And welcome, Julia Ramirez! Thanks for following my blog; comment often!


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