just whelmed

Day 4 at OhCity Library under my belt. I feel whelmed. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday.

OhCity Library is amazing, and I'm not just saying that--it is ranked really high on Hennen's Top Ten list of American Libraries. To say the least, coming to work here has been very humbling. This library is a librarian's wet dream--not only does our library offer a bajillion programs and services, but people in the community use the shit out of our library! So, not only am I learning all the systems and meticulous cataloging, filing and organization of everything in the Children's department, but I am also learning the names of of a million staff (tons of people work here!) and the kids who frequent. I am also trying to get used to many things:
  • I can't take a shower before I go to bed, roll out of bed in the morning and put on a ball cap, jeans and a tshirt anymore. I have worn heels 3 out of 4 days this week. I do not enjoy this. I am a jeans kind of girl.
  • I eat most of my meals alone, this is very different after eating the majority of my meals in the community dining room with 50+ people at most meals.
  • I don't move around all day, hustling in the Kitchen; wandering around the Farm anymore. I have a sedentary job. I have to take walks after work.
  • People would think I was nuts if I sat outside and ate my lunch right now. If I were at the Farm I would be sitting with at least a half dozen others.

    And I am homesick, which makes everything harder. I went from living and working in community with my friends and coworkers who I've known for years, to living in a new city, friendless. It feels daunting...to say the least. Only another few more weeks before I head to Buffalo to meet up with B1 & B2 and pick up the last of my stuff.  But before that--I am heading to MI tomorrow for some time with my friends and my brother A3 and preggo sis-in-law Dayna. The Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2011 is happening this weekend too so hoping to swing by that if I can convince anyone to come with me...


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