I've never seen as many hipsters

...as I did when I went to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair 2011 a couple of weekends back (you may remember me mentioning it briefly here). Unfortunately my cell phone won't register on my computer so I can't post the cool pics I took--ergh! Any way, it was fun. Not huge. Not tiny, but small enough to feel cozy. It was held in the historic Masonic Temple in downtown Detroit; a lovely building that is unfortunately (as it seems has happened to too many historic buildings in Detroit these days) located in the midst of a rough neighborhood, with things like old boarded up beauties-of-old-buildings right next door.

I was pleased that my sis-in-law Preggers Dayna and bro A3 came along. Even more pleased that they oohed and aahed cutsie things like onsies (I kept looking at my bro and thinking, "Who is this guy? This is my football playing, mechanic, engineer, tough guy, big brother--babies change us all, no?) I was pleased when they purchased a super adorable onsie and bib from (my favorite) vendor Bem & Gene (I would also like to note they are MI natives, from Ferndale, MI--woot woot!)

To show my support of all the vendors, here is the full list of all of the vendors that were at the Craft Fair.

Watch the news or the web next fall and put the 2012 Detroit Urban Craft Fair on your calendar. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Image borrowed from here.


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