too much laboring

YUCKO! Not the baby bringing kind.

I am tired. Worked all day, and then some, staying extra to help out the kitchen closers. Somehow everything took so much longer today...maybe it was the humidity...maybe it was the gloomy day...maybe it was just because we were trying to do too much. Did I really need to wip up that batch of Farm broccoli pesto--no, no, I didn't, but sometimes when an idea hits I do it, even though I am already running around and roasting veggies, making potato salad, grilling 100 hot dogs and 50 soy pups, making sure that things are going in the oven for lunch, thinking ahead at what needs to be done for the next two days.

Yesterday I envisioned an easier day. A so-we-have-to-work-the-holiday-let's-take-it-a-little-easier day, but I don't think it happened. I was just so glad to finally go home, shower and crawl back into bed for an hour nap--falling asleep to the pounding of rain on the roof and the downed tree outside my window; to hear it slap into pockets in the leaves--then an hour read. *SIGH*  So, in the long run I was able to sit back and relax and think a little about what work means, be thankful for the work I have, and be thankful for the time away from it too.

Happy Labor Day ya'll.

And if you need the history, here.


My Kid's Mom said…
You're so right about being thankful for the job you have. I was laid off from my job of 13 years and it took me 9 months to find another. Now when I have a bad day at work I try to remember how lucky I am to have a job.

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