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 The town dump isn't far from the Farm. While that is nothing to get too excited over, the fact that our town dump has a "Swap shop," where people bring their old stuff and it's up for grabs--think "one man's trash is another man's treasure," think garage/tag sale without paying, think FREE! Anyway, Farmer Jay and I try and go down there Sunday afternoons before we milk and last week SCORE! I found a brand new French coffee press (I found a duplicate in town for around $30!) and Jay snagged an Italian garlic press for me. It was a good good day!

My new French press by my favorite cow mug.

My new garlic press--it even says Italy. How cool!
And speaking of new additions, wanted to take the time to thank Lady Roisin and BlogCatalog for joining on as followers. I hope you enjoy reading the blog/listening the to the music/looking at the pictures (and feel free to comment). Thanks!


My Kid's Mom said…
Amazing what people throw away sometimes.

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