doing the can-can

I was supposed to sit in bed all day and read, but nagging at me were the three flats of tomatillos, the pounds of tomatoes, the 4 (LAME!) squash and the bag of beets. Don't even get me started on the buckets upon buckets of Farm apples in our walk-in fridge (that is Sunday's project). So I:
  • hunched over the sink and scrubbed tomatoes in cold water for what seemed like hours; roasted tomatoes with garlic, chipotle, chili pepper, green peppers, cumin and chili powder; cooled; blended with red onions, lemon juice, salt and red wine vinegar; canned salsa
  • peeled and scrubbed tomatillos; pureed and drained off excess juices; mixed with garlic, chipotle, chili  cumin and chili powder, tons of red onions, lemon juice, salt and red wine vinegar; canned salsa
  • washed, halved, oiled, salted, roasted, gutted seeds and salvaged stringy strands of spaghetti squash, bagged and froze
  • boiled, cooled, skinned, sliced and pickled beets
Then I pondered the one green tomato I left on the counter. I was tired and wanted a nap but fought the urge and instead found this recipe on the quick and made my first ever batch of fried green tomatoes (well, tomato, since I only used one). The recipe was good, I just added a little extra salt to my batches. Mmm...fried green tomatoes...yes PLEASE! Never again will I fret a frost and being stuck with green tomatoes. I have found a new favorite. Yannick and Sascha also gave their thumbs up on this recipe too.

My reward for a job well done was a really good dinner out with my friend Ian. We feasted on amazing calamari with chipotle mayo; beef brisket slathered with bbq sauce, steak frites, mashed potatoes, mac n' cheese (brought by food always tastes better), local greens and beer at Route 7 Grill. Aside from the food being AMAZING, I really appreciate that Route 7 tries to use as much local food as possible--so, if you're in the area, check them out!

On our ride back to the Farm we took the back way; we enjoyed the slow and meandering New England curves; talked about music; mulled over life. We parked the car and walked back to my cabin from Ian's house so that we could admire the starry sky. We enjoyed a glass of wine outside in the cool summer-becoming-fall night air and both commented on how life is good...and life is very good.


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