where the wild things have been

I haven't written substance in some time; the last couple of weeks have been so busy and tiring. My boss FlavaFlav goes to Montauk every year for two weeks, during this time I am quasi-in-charge and that means longer hours, working harder, having kitchen nightmares (this is no lie--silly shit, like people hiding granola). My boss' vacation combined with the fact that, due to various reasons, I had to work more hours at the library in August meant that I worked 17 days straight, starting on the day that I got back from vacation.

Suffice to say I was so glad to get away last weekend, joining RugbyGirl for a mini-roadtrip to Burlington, VT. This was my first visit to Burlington and I was blown away by how beautiful the ride along Route 7 is;  how green green green the mountains of Vermont are (I told Angie that the color of the mountains made me think that this is what Ireland must be like!)--good choice on naming the state, by the way! And to see Lake Champlain! SO GORGEOUS. I felt like just being in Vermont made me happier!

The weekend was really just a fast overnight trip which found us eating at the AMAZING!! El Gato Cantina (The owner, Tree, is a friend of Rugbygirl); staying with RugbyGirls' bestie Deidre; going to a wedding. The best part of the weekend was just hanging out with RugbyGirl, talking in the car and enjoying the beauty that is Vermont.
Some of the dairy girls--I may as well have said, "EVERYONE LOOK CREEPY!"

Tuxedo Jack, one of the Farm cats.
I returned to work and the joy that is knowing-your-boss-is-coming-back-from-vacation-and-you-are-no-longer-in-charge; returned to milking with Jay; returned in time for Irene. And now things are slowing a little. And for this I am glad.


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