best summer dinners #3

Had another great dinner last night.

I help Jay milk the cows Sunday afternoons.
The girls were milked, the milking dishes were all done and things were tidied up, and we'd just gotten into the truck to leave when we heard some horrible screams coming from the Pig Palace. A piglet had gotten his head stuck in the fencing around the pen while he was trying to munch on the weeds just outside the fencing. It seemed like the poor little guy had all but used up his energy by the time we got up there--he was panting and gurgling for breath. Jay wrestled with the fence and tried to push the piglet back through or pull from behind, but to no avail. While I tried the same he ran and got bolt cutters and in no time the piglet was back playing with his siblings and, as Jay put it, probably saying, "man, my head hurts!" I had to laugh when Jay said that we got some good karma for getting the piglet out.

After a quick swim in a nearby swimming hole we met up for dinner at my cabin--"breakfast for dinner," one of my dinner staples. I scrambled eggs with mushrooms, bacon, onions, Farm chives, Farm broccoli, and garlic from Jay's garden, and served it with Farm bread. Simple, good food to enjoy as we chatted.

I love making meals in my little cabin, but I hate eating alone, so I usually go up to the Farm dining room for meals, so two meals with friend at my cabin in under a week! Life is good!


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