best summer dinners #2

Had another great summer dinner this weekend at B1 & B2s house. We'd talked about having a "bring your own grill items" night since the start of the summer and by golly it finally happened. Word of mouth invites were passed among our friends and Saturday early evening found us gathering at B1 & B2s house; B2 had the grill heating up, Sierra was shucking corn, Beth was slicing Farm cheddar for burgers, and I was finishing a Farm cabbage coleslaw.

The dinner was perfect because we had some staples: coleslaw, cucumber salad, burger fixings and beer, and then wound up with a variety of choices with what everyone brought: B1 & B2 had the burgers, I brought hot dogs, TSO and Brett brought venison pork sausage and lamb sausage, RugbyGirl brought Farm steaks. And the grilled corn--AMAZING!

It felt nice to sit around and talk and laugh. If the worst complaints of a summer night are that mosquitoes were present or that the beer wouldn't stay cold enough long enough, it's a good night.

Life is good.

My simple Summer Coleslaw:
  • Wash and thinly slice 1 head of cabbage  (I love it thinly shaved)
  • Wash, peel and shred 2 carrots
  • Toast sesame seeds
  • Toss above ingredients with soy sauce, lemon juice, cider vinegar (I used red wine vinegar since B1 didn't have cider vinegar), salt, pepper and dill (do all to taste)  
  • Also great in this coleslaw are thinly sliced red onions or grated turnips, or horseradish


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