vegan until 6

Before I get started on this blog about dieting, let me say a few things. I hate the word "diet." I hate when I talk about this "new way of eating," and people make this scornful "diets never work," face. And though I may agree with them, it still pisses me off. Especially if they're those naturally skinny types. I want to scream, "well, EXCUSE me for eating my emotions since 1991! And besides that I am fighting against some chubby genes!"

The whole reason I decided to try Mark Bittman's, "Vegan before dinnertime,"--or "Vegan until 6," as I call it--is 1. for the most part I respect Mark Bittman and 2. my friend Sierra did this and found it worked for her.  I am not a dieter by nature. I know most fad diets either don't work because they set up unrealistic expectations or shouldn't be done because they aren't good for your body. The difference with Bittman's is that it's a damn way of life, which  forces you to be really mindful about what you are eating and encourages you to eat things which are great for you, while also, and most importantly, allowing you to still eat the foods you crave all day long. Bittman's philosophy is simple, "My arrangement with myself is that from the time I wake up until dinner I eat only fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. I don’t even eat white bread during the day. And then starting at dinner, I do. I have one meal a day when I do pretty much what I want, which is normally quite indulgent."

Eating vegan is easy at the Farm; since we have some vegans in our community, the Kitchen has to pay particular attention to making sure their dietary needs are met. The biggest challenge for me when I work at the library all day is making good choices when I've forgotten my lunch. No restaurants around here do vegan food! This new way of eating has led me to think about how frustrating it must be for vegans.

A tool which has been helpful to me is: (a site Mummy Dearest has been urging me to join for a while now), where on a daily basis I track:
  • my caloric intake
  • protein consumed
  • fats consumed
  • carbs consumed
  • calories burned in exercise
  • weight
I don't get all nutso about the numbers if I go over, etc., it's just a nice way for me to stay focused.

All of this has come out of two desires: 1. I am going to two weddings this summer and want to look as close to stunning as is possible and 2. I want to be more mindful about eating. It's that simple. I am not sure how long I will continue this. Every day is a challenge. Some days are better than others. But, I am learning...and I guess...that's all we can hope for in this crazy world. 


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