my life, like my thoughts all over the place right now. Wanted to post a quick blog to say:

I am playing on a co-ed softball team again this summer. I like the people I am playing with, definitely a lot nicer and less white-trashy than the team I played on last year. Third game tonight, we are 1-1 so far. I am loving being out in the sun and running around.

Garden is GROWING. We are getting more sun and heat and humidity starting tonight, so the tomatoes are taking off. Still need to stake tomatoes, need to weed CONSTANTLY. Spent over an hour weeding TWO ROWS of flowers and around some sunflowers. Cucumbers, squash and pumpkins have all popped up, seemingly overnight. They are little green rabbit ears, flopped out on their mounds. I love this stage. It's easy to love, all I have to do is watch the plants grow. There is no endless picking and pickling or preserving of things yet. I complain, but I LOVE it. I do. So happy. Took some pics of the beginning of the plants, etc., will post asap.

Still working tons at the library through the end of this month, then my hours peter out some until the fall, since the library has abbreviated summer hours. That's fine with me. I've loved the extra money and experience, but am feeling ready for a break and more time spent with my monster garden. :)

Leave for Jamaica (my brother A3's wedding!) in 3 weeks from today, but who's counting!? And in less than 2 months my good friend (and former roomie) College Kim is getting married. Can't believe how fast these past few weeks have flown by spent doing last minute shopping, getting dresses hemmed, picking up bridesmaids' dress, etc. (BTW--go see the movie Bridesmaids, so funny!)

My brother A2 is going to be in Newport for work for the next couple of weeks, so I am going to try and see him. It's funny, we haven't seen each other in over 2 years (he lives in CA) and now I am going to see him this month, then next month at A3's wedding. When it rains it pours, I guess.

Settled into my cabin, but still need to do some more cleaning. I AM NEVER HOME! And last night I realized that I have mice in my cabin again. Those bastards were doing a conga line in the wall behind the head of my bed, RIGHT AS I WAS FALLING ASLEEP. This made me only remotely angry, since then I couldn't fall back asleep for a while. Such is life. And life is good. But it's busy these days. But I am glad for the busyness, it's bringing very exciting things my way faster and faster!


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