in all parts

Ray Lamongtagne (one of my favorites), was on VH1 Storytellers this week and I was able to catch it today. Aside from his music, I love that Ray Lamontagne is painfully shy, but when he speaks people listen because he is so sincere. My heart swells with happy. Watch here.

Today is my first full day off with no plans other than some tentative dinner plans. I was going to garden all day, but waking up to the pouring rain made me smile and know that now I can stay inside and read all day without feeling guilty!
Here is some kind of lovely:

"In the new garden, in all the parts"
In the new garden, in all the parts,
In cities now, modern, I wander,
Though the second or third result, or still further, primitive yet,
Days, places, indifferent--though various, the same,
Time, Paradise, the Mannahattan, the prairies, finding me unchanged,
Death indifferent--Is it that I lived long since? Was I buried very
long ago?
For all that, I may now be watching you here, this moment;
For the future, with determined will, I seek--the woman of the
You, born years, centuries after me, I seek. 

-- Uncle Walt (Whitman)


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