It is finally spring around here; everything is green, the lawns need mowing, the daffodils are sturdy and no longer the new kids on the block, I was stung by a bee--all signs of spring.

My boss is back from vacation, thank God, and I am off from work(at the Farm) until Sunday. My library hours have increased, as they have begun to train me for a new department (local history), but I look forward to the extra hours spent learning how to use tons of genealogical databases and assisting patrons in research. Plus, more hours=more money for vacation.

I've been keeping myself busy lately, aside from work: gardening, reading, writing, catching up with friends, shopping for my two destination weddings (Jamaica in July; St. John, Virgin Islands in August). I spent $250 this weekend on clothes (dresses for tropical places--I wonder why I don't have stuff like that lying around...?), managing to get the dress which I will wear to my brother's wedding--I am pleased as punch about it as I actually look good in it. Have done multiple showings of dresses to friends: TSO, Mummy Dearest & Hubby, B1&B2 and Sierra; seem to have the stamp of approval.

My only "to do" today is to drive an hour and a half to a dress shop for a fitting of my Bridesmaid dress. I am not looking forward to this...ergh...I hate everything about bridal shops. But, I am going to reward myself with time in the garden and reading this afternoon. Ah, the sweet life! Cheers!


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