looking forward

I am not even talking about spring--PROMISE! These are things which I am eagerly awaiting:

  • The new 'Jane Eyre' movie. I definitely don't go to the movies as much as I did when I was 16, when I worked at a theater and could see as many movies as I could stomach on a day off. I LOVED this Washington Post article: 'Jane Eyre' movie rekindles Austen vs. Bronte, the battle of the bonnets.
  • 'Meeks Cutoff'--trailer etc. found here. NPR review of the movie found here. Aside from that awful show about those kids and that creek--I heart Michelle Williams.
  • My weekend, which starts in T-minus 56 minutes. As soon as I get home B1 & B2 and I will be hoping into their car for a mini-roadtrip to Buffalo, NY, which is home of B1. Can't wait for a weekend away, with no concerns in the world...except, perhaps, that our little slice of New England will change too much while we're gone. I always feel that if I'm away for a few days, in the pivotal turn of the seasons, I miss something small yet crucial: a minute flickering of a deeper shade of green spreading across the wall of hills.

    A three day weekend...haven't had one in months...since when...? I don't even remember!
    That means it has been too long! Happy weekend all...pics soon...if my computer is ever fixed (again!)


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