vampire whaaa?

I recently finished Seth Grahame-Smith's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter--why I ever decided to read it, I'm not sure. Oh, yes, I remember, I thought, hmm, another book which will be in the theater soon, guess I should read that in case anyone asks me about it. (I am beginning to feel that at least one of the books I am reading at any given point is already a movie, coming to theaters shortly, or is being transformed from book to screenplay as you read it.)

I gave Grahame-Smith a try even after not being able to make it through his Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (for the record, I cheated, I tried to do the graphic novel).  I thought that I hated P&P&Z so much because it besmirched my beloved Austen, but reading Abraham Lincoln made me realize that I don't like how contrived Grahame-Smith's stories feels...I know, I know. You KNOW that going into it. You know that Abraham Lincoln wasn't REALLY a vampire hunter and that the Bennet sisters (P&P&Z) weren't really trained in zombie combat...but be clever for Heaven's sake! Don't make every bad guy a vampire or in league with vampires! I literally rolled my eyes and shouted, "AWWW! C'MON!" when Edgar Allen Poe made an appearance in ALVH.

Maybe I love history too much to find any entertainment in this. Would I suggest it? No. I think I'm leaving this for that whole Twilight crowd, those people who are really into vampire stuff right now. Don't worry, we all go through that phase...really...I won't even say how many Anne Rice books I read as a teenager.


Victoria said…
Oh my goodness, books like these exist!?!? And I hear ya about the vampire phase thing, mine was in 8th grade. Besides watching Buffy, I have never gone back since!
Anonymous said…
Hey just ran across your blog by hitting "next blog" it is wonderful. I am from Ohio too - live down in Cincinnati. I will surely be coming back!

- Lev
Brett Minor said…
I hate hear this. I was going to try that book next.

You might enjoy it, some of my coworkers did. It was just a little too far fetched for me. :)

Welcome Lev! Thanks. Ohio's new to me--anything cool I should see if I'm ever in Cinncinnati?
Hi!..I just started my own blog and am happy to come across yours. I was undecided about this book and think I'll skip it. Thanks for the review!..I'll be looking forward to your review on the Secret Life of Emily Dickinson...
Faith said…
I really, really liked this book and suggested it to many friends and patrons here at INDE. Oh, well, to each her own. I do enjoy keeping up with your goings on. We all miss you.
Thanks Wendy! I will make sure I review the Emily Dickinson book as soon as I finish it.

Faith, I know people at work who LOVE it, just not my thing. Maybe my review was a little rough--it was after a grumpy day. I miss you all too, my best to all at INDE. :)

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