it's not June...but still...

This week has been so busy. I have been constantly going going going and feeling exhausted. I am not sleeping very well or very much and am wanting nothing more than a day off in my own house to sleep and sleep and sleep, but as B2 still hasn't heard back from the contractor who's supposed to look over my cabin, FAT CHANCE! But, while feeling frustrated about that, I am still feeling so grateful for my friends putting up with me and am trying to focus on the positive, like how I am enjoying couch surfing between three houses--an opportunity which was afforded to me because of this tree business.

I stayed with uber pregnant M and the girls M & S Tuesday - Thursday nights this week while N was away. It was really nice to hang out with M and have the nights to ourselves after the girls were asleep; to chat about the Farm and our lives before the Farm. We spent some more time together Friday afternoon, driving out to an appointment in Northampton, meeting up with N there. It was so refreshing to leave the Farm and have nothing but open highway in front of us. The drive out was a breath of fresh air, while simultaneously making me crave a roadtrip.

After I left M & N to their romantic weekend away, I tooled around Northampton, killing time before meeting up with a friend. If you are ever in the area, stop by Smith College to either see their amazing greenhouses or their lovely library. Do what I did: find a copy of the book you are reading (and presumably left at home), go to the upper floors and sit next to a window which overlooks the campus, let the sun pour in on you, feel warm and contented as a cat.

Driving home after my dinner date I felt soothed and sleepy, content. Time away, even if just for a day, felt good and refreshing. I was wandering through the radio stations of Northampton when I came across a local station playing a song which, though new to me, sounded vaguely familiar. "Who is this? Why do I know this voice? It almost sounds like the Decemberists...but is it?" After some searching today I discovered that it IS the Decemberists "June Hymn," off their latest album, "The King is Dead," which I just got from TSO this week and haven't even had the time to listen to. It is lovely. I know, I know, the title of this song is not quite apropos, just wishful thinking.

Happy weekend!


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