i don't go to that kind of doctor

While bestie Mummy Dearest and I were driving in the car with Little Fish and her cousin M, the subject of going to the doctor when you're sick came up. M said that she didn't want to go to the doctor because they, "put people to sleep."

"Oh, you mean like when someone has surgery and they go to sleep for a little while?" asked her Auntie Mummy Dearest.

"No. They put you to sleep like when they put cats and dogs to sleep."

I was already trying not to laugh during this entire conversation, but this was just too much! I was literally shaking and holding my breath, afraid I'd burst out laughing and hurt M's feelings. And as I was shaking and desperataely trying to hold back my laughter I could hear, in the silence, Mummy Dearests' own stiffled laughter.

Ah, kids are wonderful entertainment.


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