getting through the doldrums

I feel like lately I have been going going going non stop; savoring time with friends, working a lot, constantly moving towards something else I "have to do." This weekend was so busy, but I was thankful for it. February in New England can feel so loooooooong; freezing snowy winter days giving way to sunny, blue skied warmish winter days--which make you hopeful for spring!--giving way to freezing rain filled winter days. This year we've already gotten feet of snow and like many others keep wondering, "MORE?!" every time that it snows--and so, it is good for me to stay busy, to make the most of these winter doldroms and push towards spring.

My normal non-Kitchen work days are Fridays and Saturdays. This past Friday found me trying to enjoy my cabin, doing cleaning and then some reading into the evening. At dinner Farmer MacDonald and I met up with our friends Mummy Dearest and Hubby, M & N and assumed responsibilities of the kiddos for the evening. After making sure that Big Fish, Little Fish, M and S (ages 6 years, 4 years, 4 years and 2 years respectively) were fed dinner, had ice cream, washed hands and faces, we let the kids blow off some energy, playing around the Farm's Main House building. Red Light-Green Light done, we all got into our coats, hats and mittens for a walk back to M & N's house for a big cousins sleepover. Coats, hats, gloves stowed, we began the pre-bed time wind down: going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, then cuddled onto the couch between Farmer MacDonald and I were four sweet little children, listening as I read Madeline and The Story of Ferdinand. After the stories, as promised, Farmer MacDonald preformed a dancing baby doll routine while he sang the Safety Dance--we all roared with laughter.

Then, like Pan's Lost Boys, we marched single file through the dark hallway into the bedroom and four little children were tucked and then re-tucked into bed. "Good nights" were said and Farmer MacDonald and I settled down to watch a movie. It was nice, but tiring, and I was left wondering, how did my Mom and Dad do this every night with four of us kids so close in age? (My parents had four kids in 4.5 years!)

Saturday I was up early and off to the Library for the day. The freezing rain made for in interesting drive home on un-plowed back roads, listening to Disgrace on CD--intense book! A reward for my long day came by way of a good dinner of huevos rancheros with B1 and & B2, Mama & Papa Bear (B2's parents), Amos, CJ, Sierra and RugbyGirl. I love the communal feeling that can be gained from sitting around a table with friends, serving one another, eating and laughing.

And just like that the weekend was over and I was back to work on Sunday morning. And the morning came too early...*sigh*...when is it the weekend again?

P.S. I linked my brains out in this post. You're welcome.


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