a clear (almost) midnight

"A clear midnight"
This is the hour, O soul, thy free flight into the wordless,
Away from books, away from art, the day erased, the lesson done,
Thee fully forth emerging, silent, gazing, pondering the themes thou lovest best: Night, sleep, death, and the stars.
~ Uncle Walt (Whitman)

I feel that I so seldom write these days. Is it the winter sluggishness that makes me less prone to writing? I'm not sure, but lately I feel like I have zero energy at the end of the day for anything like writing, or (still) organizing things in my not-quite-new-anymore-cabin.

Today was a rough day. Emotionally rough. I had a strange (and later resolved) confrontation at work; and Tuesdays are just long anyway. I work 6:30am-2:30pm then have a meeting from 4pm-6pm. I have stayed away from my little cabin all day and am avoiding it now. Avoiding the inevidable cold which will greet me both out of doors and in; having turned my thermostat down to 60degrees F this morning. I am now making myself ready to walk away from everything, leave today behind, sleep. But first, I will bundle up and face the cold.

#8, Hitchin Post

My commute to work.

The view down my road, heading towards the Farm's sauna.

My little cabin in the woods.

Also, with VDay or National Singles' Awareness just around the corner, make good choices. Buy fair trade chocoloates and buy condoms.


Mummy Dearest said…
Your cabin is lovely and sweet -- I hope it soon feels like a cozy, welcoming home. I'd like to come by with some fair trade chocolates and tea and help you organize! How about tonight?

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