can you tell what I'm thinking of?

 My lovely tomatoes
 Shadow gardening!

 The cukes which became the pickles which are almost gone! 32 quarts this year!

 Yum! Fresh Farm cabbage!

 Farm cauliflower--divine!

Ok, maybe thinking of summer is jumping the gun...a little. But, I am tired of snow already and want to be ankle deep in dirt, hunched over in a garden. I want to see things growing! I feel so whiney! It is this cold I caught, forcing me to wish that I didn't have to sit wrapped up in a blanket, in a way too warm cabin, sipping loads of peppermint tea. Ok, ok, at least the 5 inches of fluffy stuff we got last night is pretty to look at. The trees are positively picturesque, loaded with heavy winter white coats. Ok, ok, summer is too much to ask for...I'll settle for an early spring...that starts NOW!


Mummy Dearest said…
Get ready, friend; tomorrow night it'll be -12 degrees F out there!! Ahhhh!!! I hope my chickens don't freeze, poor cluckers.

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