spinach ricotta gnocchi

I was so inspired with Andrea and Taylor's--of A Farmer in the Dell--gnocchi recipe that I just had to try it. TSO and I made it tonight and invited S to join us for a dinner of DELICIOUS spinach ricotta gnocchi, Farm roasted spaghetti squash with sage and my home-made tomato, mushroom, garlic marinara (which I had canned this summer; made with my own tomatoes!)

Here are some pictures I took along the way! Blogger is being lame and I don't want to fool around with moving the pictures, so I give you dinner in reverse:
1. Farm Spaghetti Squash (roasted then sauteed with sage).
2. My tomatoes now sauced. 
3. Our spaghetti squash looks like dinner for two with the forks.
The rest: Gnocchi from start to finish, step by (mostly) step.
The last picture is the actual finished gnocchi (after boiling!)

Now I need to go get ready--Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 1) tonight! I am getting there hours early to get in line for good seats. Nine of us from the Farm going! HOORAY!!


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