nearly there

  • 16 turkeys cooked, soon to be carved
  • 50 pounds of potatoes, mashed
  • 50 pounds of Farm butternut squash, pureed and seasoned
  • 40 pounds of Farm Brussels sprouts
  • over 225 cups of home-made bread stuffing with sage and veggies
  • rivers of gravy
  • a heaping helping of lentils (for the vegetarians)
  • 300 dinner rolls, heaping plates of butter
  • huge side salad
  • a mound of Farm cheddar, surrounded by grapes and clementines
  • Farm cider and water
  • coffee and tea and 36 pies and tarts

This is how we try and feed over 160 people. Remember last week when I said we had a count of 96? Yep, not anymore. Holy cats! Where are we going to put all these people!?

The Kitchen team's harvest report--the reports which each team presents on Thanksgiving, giving all of our visitors an idea of what each team does/"harvest"-- is nearly done. All is well. Now off to bed, in need of some pre-Turkey Day zzzs.



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