My computer was wounded in action last week, receiving a fatal blow to the hard drive via a runaway cordless house phone--the story really isn't that good.  On Monday my cell phone died on me. I am a klutz...and have terrible luck.

This all happens within two weeks before I am to head to Michigan for some time away from the Farm. Ah, timing is everything, no? Needless to say the last week has been spent having multiple conversations with friend N (also the Farm's IT guy) and the GeekSquad at Best Buy, looking at computers online and in stores, thinking of options. I know that some people might look at this time as a great way to be away from technology, feel out of touch from the rest of the digital world, maybe even meditate and enjoy the silence; I would love to calmly agree with these people, but SHIT! I LIVE ON A FARM IN THE MIDDLE OF A TOWN WHICH BARELY GETS WIFI AND DOES NOT EVEN GET CELL PHONE RECEPTION!! I feel a million miles from things and cling to my daily dose of internet and the option to call friends when I make it into town! Err...umm...all this forced withdraw from the digital world, on top of the normal digital reclusivity, which comes with living on the Farm, has gotten me a little antsy...apparently...

New phone ordered and should arrive tomorrow. Computer will be kept, new hard drive will be ordered when I get back from vacation. Thankfully TSO is letting me use his computer and I guess there are always the Farm computers next door, so things aren't as bad as all that. Think happy thoughts for me...and click my ads on my page--help me pay for my new hard drive!


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