tomatoes, a love story

Thought to be poisonous at one point. The fruit of the Americas (native of South America). An Italians dream since the 1500s. A North American joy since the late 1700s. Referred to by the French as, "love apples." I give you the tomato.

Tomatoes are something, like asparagus and watermelon, that mean summer to me. All year long I look forward to that first bite into the fleshy fruits; the seed seeping chomp into a cherry tomato; the very smell of tomatoes in the garden--the smell of the green tomato vine spines supporting fat, reaching orbs.

We just started getting crates upon crates of tomatoes in the Kitchen and it looks like the garden team grew some similar varieties as me: green zebras and Cherokee purples. They have other varieties of big beefsteaky looking tomatoes and perfect, perfect, PERFECT cherry tomatoes.

Our favorite way to use the tomatoes these days is simple enough: slices of Farm tomatoes, interspersed with slices of Farm mozzarella, sprinkled with fresh Farm basil, salt (sea salt is nice), pepper and a little olive oil (occasionally balsalmic vinegar too). Do you see a pattern?--Farm produce! So good! Heaven in a bite!

Beside being really excited about the tomatoes I am really digging on our Farm mozzarella too! My friend Farmer MacDonald started making mozzarella some months back and it is so good!

Pictures of our lovely produce to follow.

Info here.


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