progress of a garden

A while back I promised I would post some more photos of the garden TSO and I have been working on around our home. Here is what the Avalon gardens have come to look like this summer.

1. View of the sunflowers and the railing where the morning glories and moon flowers are growing.
2. Ditto #1. In this picture you can also see our lovely seedum plant and some of the lily or iris (can't remember which?) stalks.
3. Our first GORGEOUS red sunflower. Can't remember what variety this is?
4. Glorious sunflowers.
5. A v iew through the railing, purple morning glories.
6. A close-up of the trumpeting morning glories.
7. The garden along the side of the house. Here we planted strawberries, triteleias (which never took), gladiolus and some other plants which I can't remember. There are also peonies and irises here.

Recently Neighbors P and R gave me a huge mass of red day lillies for transplanting; was able to separate the lillies and spread them out around our garden beds and now I am just waiting impatiently, hoping that the lillies take this year and flower next summer. Lillies are my favorite.


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