a milestone in gardening

Today marked a serious milestone in my life as a gardener. With the help of M (3.5 year old daughter of friends N & M) I picked over 20 pounds of cucumbers from my plants, taking me to a grand total of just over 300 cucumbers to date. M and S (M's 1.5 year old sister) both were pleased with the product, chomping on one of my cukes; M Sr. couldn't believe how big some of the cucumbers had gotten; RugbyGirl nearly groaned since our cupboards are already so full of quarts upon quarts of pickles (30 quarts to be exact).

I am out of quarts jars, been meaning to buy more, but until then (this weekend, perhaps?) I am donating my cucumbers to the Farm kitchen. There is nothing as lovely as knowing that we are eating the fruits of my labors. Yum!

Daniel and Kooper left us this morning, back to hiking the Appalachian Trail after a brief respite here at the Farm. Good luck guys and thank you Daniel for becoming a follower!


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