laying in the Elysian Field

Went down to pick more cucumbers tonight; to check on the progress of my tomato and pepper plants; to feel the mounds coming up under the speckled beet leaves; to pull weeds. After all these lovely chores I dropped onto the cut grass, smelling the fresh clippings which now hung to my clothes and to the dampness of my skin. I lay down feeling weightless against the Earth, as though in its constant spin my tiredness was pulled down and away from me. I spent minutes...quarter of an hour...half an hour...who knows?!...just laying there, hands behind my head and toes pointed skyward. I stared at the clouds, white chalk smudges against a perfect baby blue sky; noted the cooler air; listened to dueling nature: a cricket on my left side, a bird on my right. I honestly wanted nothing more than to lay in that field and sleep. To feel nothing. To expect nothing more than to wake up under a star filled sky perhaps.

But, sadly, I forced myself up. Moved on to my other plot and stooped, squatted, hunched over cucumbers. Examined, planned, measured, guestimated; gathered another 30 cucumbers. My cucumbers continue, yes, but now I turn my thoughts to October after seeing my pumpkins growing rapidly. Look out, Great Pumpkin, you've got competition!

Pics to follow.


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