laughing through the awkwardness

My best friend L thought of me when she saw this picture. Thankfully she only thought of me because the ridiculously large whatever the hell that is made her think of  the ridiculously huge cucumbers I've been finding in my garden lately. Some of my cucumbers are getting hidden by the ever increasing pumpkin vines, which are now growing and twining all around every cucumber plants, wrapping around everything like damn boa constrictors!

L sent me this picture with the hopes that I too would take an awkward photo with my freak cucumbers and my cat. I may just humor her yet. For those of you out in the wide world, who also love awkward and funny photos, check out these absolute gems! The above picture and more available through this Los Angeles Times article.


Lisa Brown said…
I'm still waiting for my giant cucumber photo!!!
Lisa, check Facebook! It is under your tagged pics. ;) Friendship means embarrassing yourself for your friends!!

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