bat tales

There was a bat INSIDE MY HOUSE tonight!

It's funny how one minute you are relaxing in your empty home, contemplating life and enjoying the soothing night sounds of nature; next minute it sounds like a giant moth is falling down the damn chimney! That's literally what went through my head, "hmm, a moth in the fireplace."  Next thing I know this bat is flying around our living room frantically.

So, I did what any other sane person would do: I tried to be rational for about ten seconds until it settled in, "HOLY CRAP!! THER'S A BAT IN THE HOUSE!" I shreiked; threw pillows; wondered about rabies; covered my head with a blanket; then,when I thought the coast was clear, ran for the phone.

It followed me down the hall; I played possum--thowing myself down onto the ground and using my blanket as cover. After grabbing the phone I hid in the bathroom and was able to get ahold of B2, TSO being unreachable...where are my housemates when I need them!!?

While in the bathroom (hiding) I began to hear a horrible shreiking noise followed by thumping. "BRAVO!" I thought as I raced out of the bathroom, only to discover our little moth-catcher sitting in the living room, playing with the bat, who, like myself earlier, was playing dead.

Somehow the bat eventually got himself onto our screened in porch, at which point I felt brave enough (figuring he was hurt enough to not fly at me) to try and scoop him up with the coal shovel and throw him outside. Nope. Power of flight still intact. Fortunately B2 showed up around this time and saved the day.

Thank you B2! Now that my adrenaline levels have gone down I think it's time for bed...and time to close the fireplace flue, which I just realized, is still open!


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