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My best friend L, husband K and their three fun kids: L (8 years), A (5.5 years) and V (8 months) are here. We've hustled and bustled around and seen lots of cool stuff and maybe I will write more about that when I'm not so tired.

My favorite part of today was when we looked at my garden and I was pleased-as-punch to find the girls (L & A) so enthusiastic about it. We tasted things straight from vines; tomatoes green and fattening in the sun were examined and squeezed; questions were asked. The girls particularly liked seeing my cucumber plants, the vines tangling and interweaving--reminding me of my old female relatives for some reason--fruits hidden. I showed the girls how I search for the cucumbers, small 4-5 inch fruits just perfect for pickling and then the three of us were scouting. It's still early yet, but I rubbed our treasures--5 cucumbers--clean on my shirt and we sampled the fruits of our hunt. These pictures show the girls enjoying their fresh snack. 


Toriafly said…
Dang those kiddies are adorable! Maybe they'll be making their own gardens someday because of you!
I hope so Vic! That would be one of the best things I could impart to them!

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