passing time pickling

Best friend L, hubby K and girls: L, A and V left today for saltier air; replaced by my brother A3 and girlfriend R.N. D. I feel like I haven't had time yet to catch my breath. After the bestie's family left I cleaned a little, laundered a little and checked on my cucumbers AGAIN. Already 32 more cucumbers for the picking today, enough to warrant pickle making!

After running in to town for mason jars I began a batch only to realize that I didn't even have enough vinegar to pickle all the cucumbers; the resulting batch consisted of only two quarts worth. However, the batch of pickles (though small) were a good distraction until my brother A3 and his girlfriend  R.N. D arrived. Catching up and a pizza dinner down at the Farm's brick oven, then hanging out at B1 & B2s for the evening.

Early tomorrow A3, R.N. D and I head to Boston for a day spent wandering the Freedom Trail. I should be sleeping, but I still have laundry to fold before I can even find the bed in the guest room. The couch is seeming more and more inviting...hmmm...


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