radical radishes

The Kitchen here at the Farm sees so much bounty during the summer when our gardeners are harvesting vegetables and fruits from our very own gardens. Earlier in the spring we were eating leeks, green onions and asparagus; now we find ourselves preparing, serving and enjoying: spinach, salad greens, bok choi, radishes and arugala.

Radishes are in my head and stomach these days. I am positively having a love affair with radishes. Here is a recipe that our community loves.

Roasted Radishes with Basalmic Vinegar:
1. Steam the radishes until you can poke through the biggest one.
2. Toss the radishes in olive oil, basalmic vinegar and salt & pepper.
3. Roast the radishes in an oven at around 375-400 degrees Farenheit for about 15 minutes..
4. Check on radishes after the first 15 minutes are up, you may need to add more vinegar or oil. Roast the radishes a little longer until the they are a golden brown and slightly carmelized on the outside.
* I don't even trim the radishes--you can just eat up to the tops!

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