plants on the ground, plants on the ground

In New England it is usually good to wait until Memorial Day to put your seeds and plants (unless otherwise advised) in the ground. But, after reading the weather report for this week leading up to Memorial Day I decided that it would probably be okay to start putting seeds in the ground. Last year TSO and I shared a garden plot, which is what we'll be doing again this year, but I will also have one to myself for my inchers; mounds for my Baby Pam pie pumpkins and Howden carving pumpkins, double yield cucumbers and Chelsea watermelons whose bumpy dirt humps grew all around me in my garden plot as I stooped under a warm sun.

After I arrived home TSO and I planted seeds in our flower beds; sunflowers: mammoths, evening suns, Aztec golds and Chianti, all planted mixed together in a long row in front of the broom corn. As he raked away wood chips and made a long narrow trough I planted his vininig and twining morning glories and moonflowers at the bottom of the front porch stairs, that the plants may crawl up the twine TSO hung. I can't wait to see the results--the flowers twisting and writhing up the twine, hanging trumpeters to the morning and night time. Planting the morning glories and moon flowers was such a contrast to planting my cosmos; thin seeds, prickly and dry.

I am always amazed by the meditations that come into my head as I am gardening; though the communing with the dirt and hopeful intentions that are seeds and seedlings force upon a person the piece of mind to process...?

On my agenda for the rest of the week is getting down to the lower campus and planting the rest of my seeds and sprouted seedlings.

Such a busy week ahead in the garden alone, can't even think about my overnight trip to NYC mid-week!


mydearlizzy said…
You've got to post some pictures!
Pam said…
There's something about gardening...I find it one of the most relaxing things on the planet. Very meditative for whatever reason.
Will do! Soon. Planting more seeds tomorrow, will make sure I bring my camera! :)

Pamerama, OMG! It has been such a constant source of comfort and meditation.

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