the lineup

After my last grumpy Gus posting I felt it was necessary to go back to talking about good things at the Farm. Things which make people happy; which make me happy: the cows. I won't go into a long extensive blog about the hows of milking, since I think I covered some of it here, but rather just share some of the stats. If you look at the blog (from link above), you will notice some names have dissapeared from the list, this means that the cows have either been moved to other barns or fields or they have errmmm..."joined the kitchen team," meaning food. The newer additions are calves which grew up to become milkers!

Josephine: 25 lbs (a.m.) 20 lbs (p.m.) Total: 45lbs

Joann: (this is Josephine's daughter) 14 lbs (a.m.) 14 lbs (p.m.) Total: 28 lbs

Tara: 14 lbs (a.m.) 9 lbs. (p.m.)  Total: 23 lbs.

Curly Horns: 20 lbs (a.m.) 26 lbs (p.m.) Total: 46 lbs

Jasmine: 15 lbs (a.m.) 16 lbs (p.m.) Total: 31 lbs

Sylvia: 13 lbs (a.m.) 12 lbs (p.m.) Total: 25 lbs

Emily: 26 lbs (a.m.) 26 lbs (p.m.) Total: 52 lbs

Stella: 30 lbs (a.m.) 20 lbs (p.m.) Total: 50 lbs
Also in the dairy line up for milking soon are: Sushi (who'll you'd recognize from the old lineup), Samantha and Brie. Samantha is calving this month, with Sushi and Brie due in May. Samantha and Brie will be first time moms, and Sushi will be having calf #10! All three will begin milking after their calves (Sushi is only on hold since she is due soon).
The days are getting loner and warmer; the cows spend more time outside, not yet in the alfalfa fields...soon, soon.


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