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We are finally begining to (sort of) see spring around here. It has been (encourageably) been in the 40s during the days, though still going down to freezing again at night--it's what is called "sap weather" around here. Many Farmers have worked hard, tapping hundreds of trees for sap to make into maple syrup (as I mentioned in a previous blog). And as it is getting warmer and warmer and more spring-like, th weather will brings an end to the sap collecting. (For the sap to run from the trees the weather has to be warm during the day, but cold at night--fun fact for the day!)

Here at the Farm all the sap gets boiled in these huge vats, which are brought to boiling by this really hot wood fire. The sap starts in one tank and as it gets hot and thickens it travels from vat to vat, and after getting it's brains boiled out it becomes maple syrup; it is a really cool process to watch. There is a Farm tradition of going out and having a hot cup of "sap tea;" hot, boiling sap and farm cream; it is actually disgustingly sweet, but something to enjoy as a reminder of this time of year.

I just started volunteering at one of the libraries in our system, about 25 mins. from the Farm (really about 10 miles away on these lovely, winding back roads--buccolic New England). The director is really great and excited that I am coming to volunteer. The lady I worked with last week kept introducing me as, "she's not just the new volunteer, she's a REAL librarian too!" Looking forward to my work there and staying current in library life. Seems that the library is goregous and the people are great too! I am really excited because the Library has two special collections: Art and Gardening (both passions of mine) and also a huge cookbook collection for a small town library. Will definitely be visiting this library even when I am not working!

Speaking of gardening, I want nothing more than to dig my bare feet into the dirt of my own garden again! Can't wait to order seeds soon and start my indoor work of planting things that will be transfered outside in a couple of months! TSO are again sharing a plot this summer, and also planning what flowers and things we will be planting around our house soon. I am like a kid before Christmas, positively busting with excitement for the sites and sounds of life!


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