huzzah Olympians!

The Farm Olympics began last Wednesday, the kick-off taking place after breakfast. I volunteered to get the kick-off stuff together; my theme became "let's all look foolish and laugh at ourselves," because to me the Olympics represent not only team building, morale building and community building, but also encourage us Farmers to be able to not take ourselves too seriously. The Farm "Olympians," as I called my volunteers, were garbed in togas made out of the Kitchen's most ridiculous and tacky table cloths that came from God only knows where. We ran into the dining room as our morning meeting ended, announcing the start of the games and telling everyone to follow us outside for the lighting of the Olympic fire. And, yes, we run with lit torches made out of old, broken hockey sticks; and oh, yes, there is an Olympic fire which we light with our torches. It was a glorious, hot fire on a cold morning!

From the lighting of the torches we rolled right into a game of no-rules snow basketball, playing in FEET of snow. And no-rules snow basketball is just as fun as it sounds. The game wound up being like football/rugby: lots of grabbing the ball and (attempted) running and LOTS of tackling. And now, we are on the eve of the Farm Olympic games' end and we have had so much fun. Some of this years' events included: a synchronized dessert eating competition, broomball games, speed reading of Fox in Sox (this was hosted by the Farm childcare program), wood chopping and a farm themed crossword puzzle, to name a few.

Tomorrow, the last day of the competion, is chock full of last minute events. The Farm team will have a hay bale roll/egg carry obstacle course event and the Kitchen (my team!) has it's identify-spices-using-you-nose event, as well as our perennial chili cook-off! Huzzah! I am looking forward to all of these events, and maybe even the end of the Farm Olympics too. It will be nice when I can stop fretting over how I'll do in the events, since I am slightly competitive and love to participate in as many events as I can. When I listed all the things that the Olympics are good for, did I mention teaching humility?


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