still a Librarian, maybe?

I have glimmers of my old life as a Librarian; moments which make my small, Grinch-like heart begin to grow. These moments happen in the simple: being asked for book suggestions, reading stories to the Farm kids or Monster Niece and Nephew S&A (when I am in MI), or even being asked to loan books (my personal library has become the source of "check-outs," for about 4 other farmers.)

One of the teams on the Farm begins each day by reading; they just returned Travels with Charley--one of my personal favorites--and swapped it for The Great Gatsby. I have been asked to come up with a list of other books which might keep the attention of our guests and am currently working on that. *sigh* Good to still feel like a Librarian.

**Unrelated, but more important is the fact that I have two new blog followers: Pauline, a coworker at the Farm and Gabrielle of Hauteintheheartland. Apparently Gabrielle is also a former Michigander! Welcome Ladies. I always appreciate having new readers!**


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