I am hibernating, or at least that's what I feel like when I wake up in the morning and rumble and roll out of bed, freaking out the cat in the process. I paw at my hair to get it to stay under my work hat; paw at my face as I wash it, splashing cold water everywhere; fumble with my toothbrush. Mornings are rough these days. It is like our bodies know that the days of light are getting shorter and shorter,  and are working against our rise-and-shine-urges. I am sure that the cold outside vs. the warmth under layers of blankets might have something to do with it too.

Dragging myself out of bed and begrudgingly going to work this morning made me think that the day was going to all be for crap. But, it turned out to be this really good, good day which ends now with me laying before a fire thankful for so many things. After TSO's and my unsuccessful search yesterday I felt like going out during lunch today and searching for the perfect tree. I drove all around the Farm, staring hard into the woods for a not too tall, not too Charlie Brown-ish tree. I finally found a stand of pines and the search began. I was so pleased with myself when I found what I thought was a good one, which RugbyGirl approved later this afternoon. I was so pleased that we finally found a tree and now can look forward to cutting it down tomorrow during lunch. Thankfulness #1. We live in a place where we can go off into the woods on the property and cut down our own tree. How cool is that!?

Then tonight after dinner the Farm had it's annual tradition: Bringing down the Christmas tree. The tradition begins with Farmers following lights up a hillside into the woods to find a Christmas tree (which is preselected and already cut down--though we always let the kids think that it has magically been found by following the lights), which we put up in the living room. The evening was spent singing carols as the lights were strung around the tree, then ornaments were passed around and we all had a chance to have a hand in decorating the tree. It really kinda feels like a family affair. After the tree was decorated people were given the opportunity to share stories from previous holidays and then everyone hunkered down to hear a reading of "Twas the Night before Christmas." Thankfulness #2. Singing Christmas carols with my Farm "fam," while watching the kids dance around with each other made my life here feel even more like home.

And my last thankfulness just comes from time spent with housemates lately. RugbyGirl and I had a really great, long conversation tonight. Our night is just now ending: RugbyGirl gone to bed, TSO falling asleep in a chair, guitar in hand and me writing. Life is good. Thankfulness #3. I love my housemates.


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