living Animal Planet

Some days I feel like we are living National Geographic or Animal Planet (compared to my old life in the city).

Today TSO and I went for a hike on one of the Farm's many trails, in search of the perfect Christmas tree. What we found were many Charlie Brown looking species of evergreens and lots of animal prints; paw prints from dogs and racoons, deer tracks, people prints. We even saw 6 white tail deer majestically bound away from us as we hiked. We were marching in a swooping fashion that would pop us out by the gravel pit, where we had found a beautiful tree in a past year, when we heard cries from coyotes. My knee jerk thought processes were as such: 1. Coyotes? but it's not even dark out yet. 2. Holy crap! Coyotes! and I am in the woods.

I bravely turned to TSO and said, "we gotta go back." I am not sure when I became such a wimp, but I envisioned a very fat coyote picking his teeth with one of my bones after a very filling meal. TSO was very supportive of my decision, saying things like, "I'm sure you aren't going to be attacked by a pack of coyotes, who could eat you in about 7 seconds--that is, if they are hungry. And all they would find is your bright red hat..." You know, supportive stuff.

Well, we made it back unscathed and tree-less.

Then later tonight after dinner S and I were driving to the library in town when we saw a red fox and then again saw one (or the same one) on our way back from the library. We are living Animal Planet, I tell you.


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