When Mummy & Hubby, Big & Little Fish moved out this summer the Farm saw fit to bequeath their house to TSO, RugbyGirl and I. We moved into the house, Avalon, in September, and I've yet to post any pics. Was at home sick today and in a moment of weird wakefulness I took these. Oh, and I am really into taking black and white pictures right now.

This is one of my favorite things  about this house (there are dozens of favorite things about this house!) This is our cupboard for wine glasses and cook books galore, but we also have a stash of random on the top shelf: the cookie cutters we used when we were kids, a beer stein from Germany, etc.

This definitely gets my vote for the best hallway. I love the way that this hallway leads EVERYWHERE. To the right you go into our kitchen, straight ahead goes into the living room and then if you keep going you will wind up on the front porch. And I love the way our coats look hanging on our wall hooks.

A view of our living room from the stairway. Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree wanted to be in the shot...there was NO avoiding it.

I love the view from our front door. It looks out onto our porch and through this other screen door, down and out, across the street. If you listen when it is calm out you can hear the Brook babbling through, down in the ravine just past these trees.

I love our house. The cool thing about the Farm is that there is the opportunity to live in a variety of houses as your role and status changes here. This is my third Farm house (second on property, one off property when I first moved out here in '03) and though each one definitely provides great memories and will always hold something very special for me, I think this is my favorite. I finally feel like a grown-up. Kinda...race you to the snow!


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