holiday traditions begin

This fall, like this summer, has been so strange. And so too December began with snow on the first day, (just a dusting; enough to remind us what month it is) then a couple relatively warm days, and now 20 degree (Farenheit) temperatures and snow. And ice. Yes, ice. Gone are the days of even the sturdiest farmers eating breakfast and lunch outside, it is too cold for even us now. And so begins the coldest season, the time of year which also pulls us along towards the holidays, which means Farm traditions.

At the Farm we have many cool traditions, which I really appreciate, having grown up without a huge emphasis on any traditions which we followed yearly. Today marked the first of the Christmas traditions with the Farm Lighting of the tree, which entails us standing around a tree singing Christmas carols until the spirit of the season is so moved within us that the lights come on. The tree is lit and thus forward we march towards Christmas with a sure indicator of the light of the world coming to us (though to most people it's just a Christmas tree, I appreciate the symbolism).

Tomorrow we draw names for our yearly Secret Santa; Friday night the Hanukkah festivities begin with the lighting of the menorah and prayers. Then next week we go and "bring down the tree," picking out the tree and decorating it, so that it may adorn the main buildings' living room.

Just thinking about all of these things which are happening, ranging from Christian to Judaic traditions, I feel blessed that we live in a place where diversity is abundant and the season is made special. My mind is too dull for much of an entry tonight, so instead I will share a picture of what the Farm is beginning to look like. The season is upon us and I am leaning back to take it all in...


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