disorganized thoughts

The fall came upon as most falls do, unassumingly, and yet, I am lost in this snowy fall-ready-for-winter season. There is something hushed and sacred in the nights like last night; the heavens look down upon near winter nights, and in their near darkness blast out bright lights which are lit chandeliers over conversations.

Last night was our Farm staff party, which wound up being one of those great nights where everything lines up just right and everyone has a good time. We were allowed to host the party at a Farmers' off-Farm property, which is this absolutely gorgeous house built before the Revolutionary War. BHill has so many great, spacious rooms just perfect for conversations (both private and public) to be happening in, and I spent so much time wandering around the house admiring the unassuming presence and a lived-in feeling. Everything was great and I think everyone had a really good time.

So glad that I took today off because I was a little ermm...tired this morning. Being home this morning meant that we could have a housemates breakfast (since TSO and RugbyGirl have a different weekend than me it's usually not possible). Blueberry pancakes and bacon tasted like magic and it was so hard to leave the warm, food scented house this morning to go help Mummy Dearest and family move, but go we did. JennaBean, Christy, M, Mummy & Hubby, Hubby's dad and the three of us took part in the move from Mummy and family's recent digs to the apartment next door, which is bigger. Fun adventures to be had there, I'm sure.


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